Nevis is one of the best commercial-grade geothermal reservoirs in the world.

The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis is committed to transition away from its dependence on fossil fuels and reduce the cost of electricity to its citizens. GeoFrame Energy, in partnership with the Nevis Island Administration, is accompanying the state every step of the way.

This development will not only provide resiliency and energy security to Nevis but will also benefit the rest of the Caribbean. Using a data-driven and predictive analytics approach prior to actual reservoir testing, GeoFrame Energy characterized the Nevis geothermal resource as having commercial-grade quality, ready to meet the present and future needs of Nevis and able to expand energy production to serve St. Kitts and other surrounding islands.

Our teams of experts, applying a data-driven model, calculated that the Nevis site could supply a minimum of 10-18 MWs per production well, significantly greater than earlier industry estimates of 3-4 MWs per well. Our process—which utilizes approaches from the oil and gas industry—has implications for transforming the way the geothermal industry calculates resources for long-term sustainability and designs production wells for high yield and extended lifetimes. Our proven approach can save the upfront capital usually associated with geothermal exploration.

When compared to the traditional “hot-spot” geothermal methodology that estimates resources only through test well drilling, our predictive analytics methodology has resulted in greater accuracy in calculations of geothermal potential, transforming the industry. The application of our data-driven approach established that geothermal power generation is more widely available than previously thought, allowing geothermal electricity to be produced at more locations around the world and with lower risk and greater accuracy. For St. Kitts and Nevis, we are predicting a high-grade, commercial-quality resource that can supply base-load electricity for Nevis and other Caribbean islands.

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