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GeoFrame Energy is the only geothermal project development company to offer regional, customized solutions on a global scale. GeoFrame Energy’s expertise and experience in geothermal projects, combined with advanced technology, is fast-forwarding the energy transition worldwide.


Thermal Energy Partners and Schlumberger New Energy Enter into Agreement to Create GeoFrame Energy, a Geothermal Project Development Company

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Benefit from 24/7 resilient, renewable power.


Optimize the virtually unlimited amount of heat generated by the Earth’s core.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Produce renewable energy with minimal surface footprint.

Turnkey Capabilities

Trust the one partner who will deliver customized solutions, on time, everytime. From project financing to plant operations, we deliver.

The Nevis Project

A 10-MW geothermal power project on the Caribbean island of Nevis, this development will enable the island to transition to 100% zero-emission renewable energy for its power supply. Nevis geothermal resource has a commercial-grade quality, ready to meet its present and future needs.